Omega Silversmithing Inc.
Here are a few examples of the hundreds of articles of antiquities restored, repaired or preserved through the process of conservation by the artisans at Omega Silversmithing.
A pitcher by Robert Hennell circa 1753 is an example of  the clean lines of the Georgian period.
Repairs included the removal of dents to the body and leveling of the base of the pitcher without damage to the patina.
This Scissor snuffer set and tray by Wm. Garrard, London 1735 was in need of leveling and other minor repairs.
A tankard by silversmith John King was created in 1786.  The inscription states          “ Presented to Lieutenant adjutant John Bygate by the corps of Oxford Royal Volunteers 1799”.
This rare and beautiful example of an Apostle spoon is from circa 1683.  The bowl of the spoon was repaired for a northwest collector.  
A pewter and porcelain German stein circa 1750, was a challenge to repair, due to the fragile nature of old porcelain.
The thumb catch was repaired and the lid reset while retaining the original pewter coloration.
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