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The “ Moroccan Falconer” by Pierre-Jules Me’ne circa 1873 Paris is in need of repair. The damage  from previous poorly executed repairs and missing pieces will be painstakingly reversed in order to bring back it’s original splendor.
Neptune by Louis & Francois Moreau, French, Circa 1900 is in a brown patina cast in white metal.
A Nouveau figure of a woman gazing into a hand mirror with her reflection gazing back at her was refinished by Omega in the original silver and gold combination. Maker is unknown.
A rare bronze in a chocolate brown finish depicts the theme of anguish under Roman rule. The maker is unknown.
A beautiful chamber stick in the blossom motif over hard white metal was repaired and re colored by  Omega Silversmithing.
A thermometer by Derby Silver Co. circa 1886 was recently restored to its original bronze finish.
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