Omega Silversmithing Inc.
This circa 1890’s French carriage clock was restored by Omega Silversmithing.
Above, this rare Charles Parker Writing table was designed and manufactured during the aesthetic movement. This piece was repaired and restored by Omega Silversmithing .
Left, a life mask of Abraham Lincoln was authenticated by Mr. Maple as one of three masks made by the artist Leonard W. Volk, a friend of Lincoln’s.  These rare masks were made in April of 1860, just prior to Lincoln’s installment as president of the United States of America. Lincoln remarked when he saw the mask,”There’s the animal himself”.
An urn made by the Derby Manufacturing Co. circa 1885 was restored to it’s original victorian bronze finish.
Above, this wonderful French Tabernacle   was restored by Omega Silversmithing to its original splendor, a formidable task because of it’s weight ... almost 290 pounds of solid brass and bronze!
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