Omega Silversmithing Inc.
Above is a badly damaged Victorian lobster dish.
Below, the same dish is pictured after being restored to it original splendor, awaiting its  succulent serving of  buttered lobster. Above, Omega fully restored this victorian center piece in its original silver & gilt finish.

Below is the same center piece in deplorable condition prior to restoration.
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The picture on the left is an extensively damaged centerpiece made by Elkington Manufacturing Company in England.  The exquisitely detailed  piece had many missing and damaged parts, was misshapen, and bent. Omega replicated the missing parts, repaired and reshaped the cherubs and foliage in keeping with the original construction.
 The picture on the right shows the 1890’s centerpiece after the restoration was completed.  The   piece is silver plate over nickel.  We were able to bring out it’s original beauty by carefully cleaning  and hand polishing it.  Resilverplating was not necessary nor desired in the case  of this piece.
Here is a fine example of continental silver that was left to rot in a damp basement until found by a family member who brought the flatware to us. She asked us to bring them back to their original glory. After much cleaning and preparation of the handles we installed new Sheffield stainless blades  matching the same blunt style as the original blades. The coin silver tablespoon  was seamlessly reattached and brought back to its original beauty.
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